As we humans are different from the other creatures & the basic thing that brings up the difference is TQM between us. Our lives are surrounded by some of the achievements & goals, to be successful we have to apply TQM in every aspect of our life.
My journey for starting my business career is also surrounded by applying TQM so that made me successful. Now I will be applying some of the principals to share some of my experience regarding my business career after & before TQM.

Principal # 1, P.D.C.A Cycle:

Before studying TQM i was unaware of the practical necessities regarding Plan. Everything we start is until & unless not meaning full until it is not well planned. Example: In the beginning it was my learning stage so I didn`t plan how to work? How to achieve success? Which market to target for my product? That was the failure to me.

After studying & analyzing TQM very closely, It was very useful for me to apply planning in my business functions. I planned then how to work, how to achieve the success & which market I am targeting for my product that is bringing some good outputs for what I desired.

Doing something is what the main part of your objective to achieve any goal. Before I was unaware of TQM I was not able to analyze the right direction what I have to do.
After I studied TQM it was very easy for me to decide what work I have to do because an individual can not perform multi task so realizing this aspect I decided to focus on a single task & I designated other people for rest of the work.

Planning & Doing any work another important stage is Check. Before I studied TQM it was not in my mind either to check what I planned & doing is in the right way or not.

After I studied this topic I applied checking to my Plans & Doing that is very fruit full for me because I can correct those mistakes I did before to make my performance much better.

Before analyzing TQM it was difficult for me to act on the right time on any difficult situation, it can be complaints regarding your product, it can be mismanagement by your workers or it can be how to deal with the customers.

After being mature by studying TQM, it became very easy for me how to act on the situation if any of the problems occurs.

Principal # 2, 5’s:

I was not a very organized business person before studying TQM. Everything in my office was not properly sorted; self arranged, standardized & was out of manner. I realized this as a great future loss to my business after studying TQM. Then everything was put in order, every product was sorted to its right place, standardization for the rules were applied according to the need, every important material or resources were arranged to meet the requirements, everything was spic & span according to the need & discipline was made for the workers to apply during work.

Principal # 3, Concept of Lean (Elimination of Waste)

I was very much annoyed when i came up with the concept of lean. I realized I have wasted a lot of money paying delivery charges to the out sourced transporter then i came up with the decision not to pay delivery charges to the transporter instead I can save my money by purchasing my own delivery vehicle & by also hiring a driver on daily wages. It was very beneficial for my cash flow not bearing extra expenses & I realized the value of TQM.

Principal # 4, Error Proofing (3 Rules: Don’t accept a defect, Don’t make a defect & Don’t pass on a defect)

Error proofing is best defined as stopping any error to occur, to be passed or to be created. Before the knowledge of Error Proofing it was very hard for me to stop the errors like once I bought a material from another person to supply it to my customer but as I was unaware from the indicators of original material it came up as an error to my GOOD WILL because the material that was delivered by me was done adulteration after i realized this error I did best to analyze the indicators the material I am selling.

Principal # 5, SPC TOOLS (Checklist)

I was very irresponsible towards my work I was doing. I was unable to do the work & it was not managed according to the time. Everything was out of track & it was very much annoying for me. It was like I am forgetting & missing some of the important work. The problems I faced in my business were meetings, deliveries & sales. Then for the survival of my business I decided to make a check list to recover my loss & take my actions into the right direction. It made very easy for me to manage my all work according to the time & every function was under control.

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