In any case, I reject IQism and everything it stands for. It disgusts me, the way racism disgusts you.
Why you should come to LambdaConf anyway

I (and, I thought until now, most well-informed people) don’t put a whole lot of stock in IQ. I think it’s a measure of a certain kind of problem-solving ability, and may be useful for predicting performance in fields directly related to the types of problem solving the specific test involves, within the cultural context the test was formulated in. But that’s it. There used to be an over-reliance on IQ testing, but I thought that generally ended a few decades ago.

My own opinion is that “disgust” with the notion of “IQism” (again, whatever that may mean) seems like some sort of emotion-based overreaction. I mean, yes, if someone out there actively discriminates against other people on the basis of IQ, yes, I’d probably find that disgusting. But I think that’s a far-fetched scneraio. Does anybody actually do that? How? Our IQ scores aren’t tattooed on our foreheads or included on our government-issued ID. Wouldn’t you have to know someone’s IQ score to discriminate against them because of it?

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