Third Street in SF. Where are they now? You can still drive there — in the daytime
Why you should come to LambdaConf anyway

Oh, please, I’ve been on Third Street, by myself, at night, plenty of times over the past few decades. My band’s rehearsal space was on Third Street 15 years ago… Third at Cesar Chavez, not Third and Market. Me & a similarly skinny, geeky friend used to hop the fence at 20th & Illinois to climb the stationary cranes at night. We did cracker-ass costumed counterculture “events” at night down on Toxic Tire Beach. If you’re afraid of Third Street, man, maybe you should just avoid cities altogether.

And the disappearance of any black business district in SF (such as the one my current neighborhood was just 10 years ago) coincides pretty cleanly with the disappearance of an entire surrounding slice of the economy, from tiny mom & pop shops up to and including predominently white-owned light manufacturing & similar industry in SoMa. You’ll hear no love from me for liberal nitwit policies, but there was a concurrent helping hand from trickle-down economic policies that should have been long past their “sell by” date. Pinning anything economic strictly on liberals and race ivory tower academics any time since 1981 smacks of some serious sophistry. Let’s give credit where it’s due. The left deserves some, but only some… and mostly just for becoming Reaganites.

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