Again, Moldbug will not be at LambdaConf, but I will.
Why you should come to LambdaConf anyway

Somehow this page just devoured a long response, so I’ll try and summarize… directly addressing the author curtis.yarvin now.

Having read this and being unfamiliar with you before now, I have no idea what the opinions you’re being criticized for are, and I’m not making any assumptions. The fact stands, I can see from this page, that you are associated in some people’s minds with racist and pro-slavery statements. Whether that association is fair or accurate is completely unknown, and actually doesn’t matter.

As you’ve been the victim of what you call IQism, I’ve been the victim of attacks by violent bigots more than once. There’s an actor and writer (not you) who in some ways actively encourages those sort of people to seek out people like me in public and and give them (me) a hard time. So it bothers me to see his racist writing, but it also bothers me to see him in productions that have nothing at all to do with his writing. Not out of some sense of outrage or moral superiority, or even out of any desire to get the community at large to execute my will or look out for my interests.

It bothers me to see him in productions having nothing at all to do with his racist writing because his name and face remind me of those writings and of the unpleasant real-life experiences I’ve had to deal with from people like his followers.

And it is simply less enjoyable to me to have my attention draw away from the plot of a play or movie, and be reminded, however briefly, of past bigoted attacks, than it would be for me to be able to sit through the production and follow the plot and never once be reminded of them. That’s all.

So you may wish to be perceived as Yarvin and not Moldbug when you go speak, but it may be that people in the audience don’t have quite such an easy time of simply separating the two.

I myself lean strongly towards letting things slide off your back when possible. I loathe the “victim olympics”, and do believe that you are responsible for your own emotions and nobody can wrest that control from you if you don’t let them. But not everybody is an evolved emotional ubermensch, and I try to temper my values with the knowledge that some people are just weak that way, and that doesn’t make mr better than them.

So it may be that you’ve struck an unpleasant nerve in some people and they simply don’t want to be reminded of it when they go to the conference. As I said I know nothing about you or your statements beyond what’s on this page, and I’m not excusing them, I’m just offering up a possible explanation for why they might feel more strongly about just your mere presence at the conference than you might wish. Just something to consider.

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