Writing On Medium

I know you’re not reading this. The majority of the content I’ve written on Medium goes unread. The majority of the Tweets I’ve composed go unread. Reddit posts. Facebook statuses. LinkedIn updates. No one reads the things you put on the internet and not everything you write is a hidden gem waiting to go viral.

I used to be so upset when I saw less than one hundred reads on my posts. I used to try to figure out ways to spread my posts further and ensure they achieved the acclaim they were deserving. Now I’m ecstatic when a single person reads or recommends my story. It’s amazing to me that somewhere across the world, or perhaps quite close to me, there’s someone who connected with what I have written.

It doesn’t have to be a “12 min read”. I rarely make it through those long essays. And it doesn’t matter that it’s a “2 min read”, because sometimes it only takes 2 minutes to say what I need to say.

So what am I saying today?

Am I doing this to justify the poor performance of my posts? Could it be I’m rationalizing the act of writing uninteresting content and telling others they should read it? Maybe I’m giving myself permission to stop pushing my Medium posts onto the Hacker News, Reddit, Twitter, and LinkedIn communities.

I honestly can’t say. But I think I’m writing to give clarity to my muddled thoughts. I believe I’m writing, because it offers a sort of accountability. It forces me to continue creating in a world that constantly beats the creativity out of me. It challenges me to dig deep and reveal what needs to be expressed in a moment and make it permanent. It encourages me to confront my own state of mind and give shape to thoughts that float at the edge of my brain in the morning and are quickly wiped out by the deluge of pursuing another’s dream.

Today, I write because it puts everything back into the box. Today, I write to free my thoughts from my mind and encase them in the internet.

And tomorrow I will write, again.

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