The day I found out my dad was in jail.

My dad is an ass hole and he was always and ass hole. He was a kind of person who didn’t care about others all he cared about was himself and it was all about him no one else. When I was younger I used to go visit him and go hang with him for a while but when I get there he doesn’t do anything but drop me off to one of his girlfriends house and leaves me there. He did that for 5 years. He has 9 kids including me and he doesn’t take care of one. When I got to six grade I started to do therapy because I was bullied in school a lot. My mom wanted to talk to the therapist so they walked out the room for a second. They came back in and the told me they had bad news. I new something was wrong, they said that my father was in jail for selling drugs……my hurt dropped. I was upset because he was my dad and I thought he would make the right choices but now I know that he can’t do that. I didn’t even care because he lies to me, he thinks that my feelings are nothing that’s why I didn’t care because if he doesn’t care about me I don’t care about him. And he can try to make it up to me but that’s going to take a while. Sometimes I pray that he would become a good father but I don’t know if that would come to life. My dad has to pay 500,000,000 dollars to my mom and for my health and all that. For Father’s Day I don’t say happy Father’s Day to my dad I say it to my mom because she is my mom and my dad and I love her so much and I am glad that I have her by my side and I am glad that she is my mom and my dad and my family always says happy Father’s Day to my mom because she works hard a lot.

Made by: Macayla Rodriguez

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