There’s certainly been a lot of shouting and flinging of dung in the wider Bitcoin community.
Aaron Chipper

Thanks for the 0.00005 BTC - you wouldn’t have been able to do that with Neurons because a Neuron can’t be split! :-)

Certainly not trying to force the issue, rather than highlight that there’s probably more important things than mere block size to be discussing.

Right now, it’s the computational power of the Bitcoin network that attracts me the most - surely that could be going to better use. As interesting as some of the other Blockchain 1.5 and 2.0 projects are, especially Ethereum; I can’t help but build agnostic solutions that work on multiple chains. I fear that making base-protocols or mining processes too complicated will likely result in more unforeseen problems than a simple system doing less things.

As such, I think there is much value to be found in exploring ways to make dumb chains smarter without introducing too many new moving parts…

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