A New Voting Block: American Screwed-Over Voters!

Michael Weddle
Apr 20 · 4 min read

[Originally published as a Facebook Note]

MICHAEL WEDDLE · TUESDAY, APRIL 19, 2016 (924 Reads)


Traditionally in American politics there are Democrats, Republicans, Independents and others from smaller political parties.

Amazingly, the 2016 primaries and caucus system has produced a whole new category of voter, and a group who near definitely will be voting for president in the 2016 November general election.

After today’s New York voting, this new pool of voters will become a voting block so strong in number that polling firms will have to include them as a separate demographic group for future polling purposes.

Who are they?

They’re America’s Newly Minted Screwed Over Voters!

Each succeeding primary or caucus election their ranks increased. This pool grows stronger and stronger and we’ll likely see a 100 thousand new Screwed-Over Voters from today’s New York primary.

I’m writing from the perspective of being a near-lifelong Democrat. What I’m seeing is a want-the-right-to-vote force of people becoming too yuge! They are people who’ve seen their polling place — where they’ve voted for decades — suddenly change unannounced; they are the misdirected and disenfranchised elderly and disabled dealing with confusing ballots and getting one-sided assistance; they are those whose names were purged for no reason from the voting lists and the rejected voters in general.

And there is no irony this happens in in frequency with pro-Bernie Sanders districts and counties? Anyone find it ironic that upstate New York counties, where Sanders polled strongest, saw voting hours change only a week ago so that the polls opened at noon, instead of the normal 6 am opening?

Yes, these folks now comprise membership in The Pissed Off Party! They are angry enough to easily join ranks of a new political third party should it form. And hopefully, should this happen, let’s hope it is led by Bernie Sanders whose campaign has experienced extreme unfair conditions promulgated by the Democratic National Committee, by DNC state officials and very blatantly by America’s mainstream conglomerate media.

To make matters worse the Clinton Campaign has waged a campaign fresh from the pages of the Karl Rove Playbook! Indeed, The Ghostly Goldwater Girl Rides Again!

I’m predicting Clinton will find herself a loser come November. Based on the tactics, she does not deserve to win the Democratic nomination. She may have created large numbers of super delegates by greasing their palms with campaign money and try as she might to ease each and every Beltway heart, she’ ll have no coat-tail votes to deliver votes for those attempting to retake the House and the Senate.

The 2016 Election has become a giant charade with important issues of so many Americans, ignored by a coddled establishment. Given the nature of the fix, it appears Sanders must launch an independent bid as both the demographics and issues of Americans certainly support his candidacy.

4/20/19 Update:

When the above was written Wikileaks hadn’t yet published its documentation proving the 2016 Democratic Primary was rigged for Hillary Clinton’s nomination. Clearly, from reading my above writing, you can glean a sense of total dissatisfaction over how the Democratic Primary was evolving.

It’s also important to consider while the Democratic political operatives were rigging the primary, the GOPwingers had a highly sophisticated computer program called Crosscheck in play in 27 Republican-controlled state elections, including in The Rust Belt where Trump overly performed. Crosscheck is a voter elimination system meant to purge the voting rolls of duplicate names.

Deceitfully, Crosscheck targeted mostly minority zip codes meaning that Jack Johnson in Illinois and Jack Johnson in Michigan both had their names scrubbed from the voting rolls. At best, they were provided provisional ballots that rarely get counted. Provisional ballots are like placebo ballots, mostly designed to make the voter feel like they’ve voted.

(see renown investigative reporting of Greg Palast)

In essence, Donald Trump did to Hillary Clinton what Hillary Clinton did to Bernie Sanders!

Consider also the Russians had nothing to do with Democrats losing the US Senate when they were defending 10 seats against 25 for the Republicans, the US House, 33 governor seats and 32 state legislatures in 2016.

2016 became the year that America’s new Screwed-Over Voting Block became fully understood and established. This explains why there now are so many calls for a viable third political party or a complete overhaul of America’s voting system.

At the very least, the 2016 election should have been thoroughly investigated. The very fact the Clinton Campaign didn’t call for an investigation into Crosscheck is telling and leads one to believe there’s a reason why a cheater cannot call out a another cheater for fear of having their own cheating exposed. Hello Russiagate!

In conclusion, take away this one important fact. Due to the many false claims, sensational and supposedly bombshell media reports about Russiagate, the true crimes of the 2016 election were never investigated.

Once again, America’s Screwed-Over Voting Block will play an important role in the 2020 election. This is why you must be vigilant and question everything!

Michael Weddle

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Founder of Climate Change Band; former NH State Rep; Supporter of Bernie Sanders & Standing Rock!