Opening a Pack of 1991 English FA Soccer Cards

When my club lost out on promotion to the Premier League, I looked for solace in a long-sealed pack of English FA “collector cards” from the 1990–91 season.

Postmortem: There was some conversation after I tweeted this pack opening about whether the cards were First Division exclusive, or spanned all of the Football League. My guess, upon closer inspection, is that they were taken during the 1990–91 FA Cup, which is why second-division Millwall was able to sneak in. In theory, I guess I could have stumbled on a Brighton player, which would have ruined the whole bit. Nevertheless, I didn’t, and the whole thing actually kind of made me feel better. For a few minutes. Not a bad return on investment for for my inflation-adjusted 30p.

Mark Willis is a designer and a soccer fan, amongst other things. He writes at and runs Clean Sheet Co., a soccer apparel company designed around supporters.

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