Digital Marketing: A Walkthrough on Online Marketing

Maria Anna Ramirez
Jul 11, 2018 · 4 min read

Establishing a business nowadays require skills and much involvement to the digital age and failure to do so takes you away from an opportunity to reach locally thru global thinking.

So, why not start were most users can be found, the internet. In the Philippines alone, the country has about a population of 104 million of which are 69 million internet users and 69 million active social media users. From those data, you could secure your business with unknowing users turned to loyal paying customers thru an effective online marketing campaign.

And how does online marketing help your business?

Online marketing is a form of marketing which is mainly dependent to internet in delivering promotional marketing messages with the help of the right set of tools and methodologies.

To put it simply, a retailer decides to establish its business online and created an online retail store. The retailer can now advertise its products to consumers who have visited its site thru funneling it down base on their gender, age, and interest.

And to reach them out could start with the following strategies:

Create a content that speaks and reaches the group of people related to your niche. And great content strategy should focus on the following:

  • Topic relevancy
  • Alignment to your audience
  • Ideas resonated into stories
  • Profound research

After the creation of content, it is now time to check its effectivity thru sharing.

What better way to advertise your content than establish your site organically in search engines for free. You could apply onpage and offpage strategies into your website and build your reputation, however, this strategy takes time.

But if you don’t have the time yet have the budget then paying for your placement could be your next option.

The process would include loading and setting up a campaign to an online advertising service. Your ad would then show up on first-tier search engines or websites of your niche that allows ads to be shown.

Placement of your ads could vary depending on your bid, chosen keywords, and demographic preferences (age, gender, location).

If you want to establish your site organically as well as pay for a spot, then opting to a combination of paid and organic would be your best bet.

The idea is while you are establishing your site organically, you are already making a name for your brand thru paid ads. It’s like double the exposure.

While you’re reaching out and waiting for your guest post request to be approved, you are already helping your site gain views thru paid placement.

If this isn’t enough and you are still in need of much exposure, then diving into the social media pool would be your next target.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more are some of the places you could establish your brand.

It’s like be there when they need you the most, ask and answer questions, share your contents here, and propagate a loyal following for your brand.


Online marketing is your doorway to an effective digital marketing venture so be sure to know the workarounds well and make the most out of it.

By making the most out of it does not mean squeeze it out until nothing can be juiced out. Do it in a regular normal manner and everything will just fall into place. Be sure to practice patience and avoid illegal activities to achieve fast results because no good can come from that.

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