Social Innovation Class Day 4: Tupac’s “Brenda’s Got a Baby”, Causes Diagram, Problem Definition, and Fast Ideas Generator

Steve began the class by showing a Ted talk of Eric Berlow on complex problems. My main take away was there is a difference between complex and complicated. When facing a complex problem: step back, zoom out and embrace the complexity. After doing so, you will have a better chance of zooming in on what matters most, the details.

Then we watched the music video of “Brenda’s Got a Baby” by Tupac. As we were watching, my heart felt so heavy knowing that it is based on a true story; no one deserves what she went through.

After watching, we partnered up to identify the social problems that we can find in the lyrics of the song. And to name a few that we spotted: lack of education, drug abuse, prostitution, violence, and crime. I did not know of this song before but after watching it, I saw and realized how music can also be a means of spreading awareness about social problems.

We were also introduced to the Causes Diagram which really helped us dig deeper into our problems.

We also redefined our problems using the Problem Definition tool. With this, my partner (Pranav) and I got to make our problems more concrete and tangible such that we can go about it better.

With my partner, Pranav

Later on, we were grouped into 4’s and did the Fast Ideas Generator. Here, we were really challenged to think of ways how to “bend, break, and stretch the normal rule” by using the suggested approaches and how to think of ways to solve our respective problems.

This tool tested us how to look at our problems from a different angle and to tackle it differently.

With my group mates, Pranav, Sanaa, and Romain

This session was truly challenging as we had to do various exercises but it was a productive and worthwhile session for it pushed us to think outside of the box.

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