Speaking at RedDotRubyConf 2017 in Singapore

RedDotRubyConf hall

Two weeks ago I attended the RedDotRubyConf 2017 in Singapore as a lightning talk speaker. This was my first time to join overseas conference and also give a talk in English. It was incredibly nice experience for me. I am grateful everyone involved in the RedDotRubyConf.

What did I talk about?

My talk is how to put a star all of GitHub projects your application depends on. I proposed a solution using bundle-star.

Thanks to the warm atmosphere of everyone, I was able to talk well. Fortunately some people were interested my talk.

Here are my slides and video links:

After the conference, @cheeaun created npm-star, that is like the bundle-star for npm. I didn’t expect it so I was amazing and also enjoying OSS communities that I don’t know what will happen.


Thanks for chose me as a speaker at RedDotRubyConf. I’m honored to speak at RedDotRubyConf.

Thanks for organizers making up the conference good mood, my colleague fixing my poor English, people speaking to me and everyone related this conference. Hope to see you again!

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