Epilepsy, The Future, And The Battle Between The Heart And The Mind
Dave Monnerat


It is amazing that you are sharing these very personal emotions and experiences. I have come to believe that people, especially ones suffering from chronic or rare conditions and ones caring for them are so willing to share and help each other out more.

These posts and others like it on support forums and the like contain a great wealth of information which I believe should be utilized to develop better medication, better counters for side effects, better interventions.

I would like you to know that my startup is focused on applying technologies in order to be able to mine this data so that patients and the people who love them and the people that care for them may be able to do something to help overcome.

We just published a post summarizing results of our first survey and we published our second one. We would love to hear from you

The future is going to be great if we as society decide to make it so. I believe we will