Do What You Love — And Other Bad Career Advice
Marc Andreessen

Do what contributes” is not any less dangerous if not fairly imprecise. Contributes to what , to whom and in what way? The subject is fairly too complex to try to tackle in a twitter storm but I can appreciate the attempt for a good advice. Why do people want to do what they love? Because they want to be happy and doing what they love make them happy. You already listed two great concepts: being satisfied and being happy. However, what if we thought of long term happiness as a continuation of short term happiness. “contributing value to the world” already implies that the individual cares about the world, enough to want to make a difference to it, is willing to invest time and effort in building that contribution. I find it highly implausible an individual would care about these things if it didn’t contribute to their happiness. Contributing to the world is hard work, it is emotionally draining, and sometimes the world doesn’t seem to care. Yet, there are great examples of patriots and heroes around the world who risk their lives or push their physical and mental boundaries to make the world a better place in one way or another.

I would suggest a minor change if I may: find what you love, find what you are good at, and find what the world needs. If you drew a venn diagram of these sets, and were lucky enough that they intersected that is what you should be doing.

May we live happy, contribute a lot and have as much fun as we can!

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