Thank you for the thoughtful response.
Josh Elman

I think you bring up two very important angles: ‘Loyalty’ and ‘value’. It is increasingly difficult to find content that is intriguing, interesting and not just an ‘almost organic marketing’. So many ‘guest authors’ want to ‘shamelessly plug their great ….’ but do it with class and subtlety neither of which appear to respect the level of intelligence the readers of such publications should be presumed to have. I would be very happy if one day I wake up and am able to read something that is less complacent, less politically correct, intriguing, thought provoking , or ‘gasp’ opinionated and substantiated. Oh man, just putting these words together is exciting. Once I see those AND see that level of quality sustained, I will be happy to subscribe, but I want assurance that my 1 year subscription will be hard earned so I want to be able to cancel at any time. Here is to hope, and to you two for bringing up this interesting topic

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