DAHOAM2016 — Munich Developer Conference

© Peter Riedel

DAHOAM2016 — a developer conference in the heart of Munich, began a few days ago. The special feature here is that the conference was in bavarian character. The combination of good lectures, beer, bavarian food, nice people and a decent load “wind music” suits Munich well.

The organisers, Stylight, have now made their name even more famous in the developer scene.

Also a pretty cool goody: with the hashtag #tweet4beer you could order a beer at any time (as long as you tweeted the necessary information about your location).

Seth Vargo of HashiCorp came right at the beginning on stage and presented the project vault. Awesome! For those who don’t know what vault exactly does, the project page provides a good introduction.

A few of the talks have really surprised me, for example Mustafa Kurtulus Isik. He reported with lots of humor about his entry into the Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR). In addition to many projects, he also gave a good insight in general. Probably only few knew that the BAYERN3 Homepage has been implemented entirely with React.

Florent Crivello was speaking about his experiences with Uber. The micro service comparison will probably be an unforgettable experience for every participant of the conference.

Finally Simon Lynen from Google came on stage and showed how Project Tango can play it’s strengths.

The DAHOAM2016 had many good talks, a great atmosphere, wit and charm. Thanks to Stylight for that amazing conference, and the great insights that were food for thought. I am already looking forward to next year when it’s once again: DAHOAM2017.

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