Netflix: A case study in global commerce

I recently signed up for Netflix when I purchased Apple TV. Unlike before when I watch TVNZ On Demand because I can’t be bothered waiting for a program to be aired on time and enduring the different commercials that go with free TV. I also rented digital movies on iTunes until I signed up with Netflix. I noticed that they have shows that were made exclusively for Netflix, which is similar to HBO specials. They also have reruns of TV shows and much more. However, they have a limited range of selection compared to other countries. Is this because of the perceived competition with Sky TV? Or is there any other underlying reasons that the consumers are not aware of? But if you want to watch the US version, there is a workaround when you subscribe to a VPN service to show that you are in the US even though you are in NZ. Is this cheating the company or not? I’m not inclined to use VPN service because I hardly have time to binge on movies. But it’s handy when I needed some time off from work and assignments.

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