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The mobile worker is an interesting topic because I’ve been in organisations that provide Citrix connection to allow employees to work from home. The question arises when someone is allowed to do it while others are not. A good example is a colleague who gave birth and was about to return from maternity. She asked for one day off every Wednesday to look after her child, but our boss is sceptical if she can deliver her documents on time. Instead, my colleague took annual leave every week which will free her from scrutiny from our boss. Another example is a colleague who had existing arrangements to work from home. During that time our boss left and a new boss arrived that have a different opinion on working from home. In my opinion having the option to work from home is a valuable tool especially during emergency or if there are tradesman who will fix something at your place. Otherwise, it removes the face to face conversation which makes our engagement a bit structured instead of developing a relationship with your fellow workers.

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