Worries of the future

A poem


When change come
The people uproar
“It will kill us
And there is no cure”
Fear of the unknown takes place
As that is the human instinct.

The future arise
Present takes place
Behavior adapt
And so do business
New ways to survive is found
As that is the human instinct.

Trains drove in
People worried
Will we melt & die at such fast speeds of 30mph?

The telephone rang
Society worried
Will we no more talk face2face?

Cassette recorders mixed tapes
Music industry worried
Will it kill the business of music?

A new year is after 1999
World feared
Is this it?

Texting was LOL
General public worried
Will language B slang and acronyms 4ever?

Modems beeped in every household
Publishers worried
Will books and newspapers DIE?

Wi-fi became hot
Households worried
Will radiation sicken us like a nuke?


The futures of the past
Always seem silly
Because we now understand
The human instinct is to survive.

The future of the present
Always induce fear
Because it is inevitable
The human instinct is to not die.

Robots are clevering up
Workers worry
Will they take our place, obsolete us?

Mobile ads are hiding Online industry worry
Will the Internet DIE?


Before we can fear
The future must be present.

Before we understand
We dismiss, laugh and ridicule
Only soon to see
That we will fear.

Virtual Reality is what?
People ridicule
“NO one will wear that for other than gaming.”

Soon the future is present
And so the story change.

Virtual Reality is your wildest dreams
People worry
Will cities decay and we live on soylent behind a face screen?

Only one who can accept change
See further than fear
Understand the human instinct
Will survive.