‘Space does not cooperate’

These are the exact words from the movie The Martian. It says so many things, specially if you consider that we are also part of the space that exists outside.

Why do we then, spend most of our time planning for events in our lives ? Planning for things we think are in our control, but really aren’t. For example, we plan for our child’s education or marriage 15 years away with the hope that we will make it without any change. But all of us, in our heart of hearts, fear that thought may turn out to be false.

Rather than living for today, I see a lot of parents in the school events who spend more time recording the event so that they can see it later, but do not enjoy the live event that day in their life. They carry their memories not using their eyes but the camera.

Wake up guys, enjoy life as it comes. It’s more unpredictable than you want to believe.