Wedding Nonsense

It all began with the One who brought us together,

each one of us, now the one for each other. Forever.

So, I exchange my vows in solemn guise.

I can hardly believe, our eternity begins across this aisle.

In a world of selfie love, ours was selfless.

In a time of fast food and 30 minute deliveries

we were slow cooked to perfection.

Her face? My book.

My Youtube had only you.

In an age of senseless raps we were that 11 minute meatloaf ballad.

When everyone opted for the fast highway,

we took the stairway to heaven.

I phones wouldn’t do, because there was no I in us,

besides, my I is all about U.

When the nation voted for 2 candi-dates,

we opted to go on many.

And today, two become one,

at four pm, before the One who made us.

As, after years of just ringing each other,

we exchange these rings, for our forever.

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