You were loved

As you spent the first nine months of your life, sapping the nutrients off mum, slowly growing from a pathetic little blob into a human being- you were loved.

Even as you made mummy throw up everything she loved to eat, ruined her body and rolled around in your water bubble, kicking and punching her all night -you were loved.

From the moment you came out of momma- pale wrinkled and naked- squinting at the light, screaming at the doctor for slapping your little butt - you were loved.

As you hollered, wriggled and squealed, furious for being yanked out of your comfortable water balloon-you were loved.

Even when the only way you knew how to communicate your displeasure was a never ending cascade of shrieks, squawks and wails — you were loved.

As you kept mummy and daddy up all night, bawling your heart out for reasons you refused to reveal to them- you were loved.

Even as you soiled yourself over and over again with the ever increasing diet of mashed everything, slowly transforming from dried prune into a chub ball of fat, excess skin and cheese- you were loved.

You will always will be.

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