With the increase in the adoption of microservices, people use docker to isolate containers and better handle resources. With Kubernetes being a popular Orchestration tool, more and more people adopt it. Unfortunately, Kubernetes being a bit complex due to various functionalities being offered, Starters may feel it difficult or they take more time to understand it. Time is precious. Some people might opt for docker swarm due to its simplicity, Later they might think of moving to Kubernetes. I was one of them.

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Due to docker swarm being simple and straight forward. It is easy to implement. It suits for…

Developers, System Admins who have worked with Linux or a similar environment might have come across running the process in the foreground or putting it in the background. Most people move a process in the foreground to the background frequently when they are working in the command line without even knowing it. Devs who are aware of putting processes in the background aren’t aware of how to shift between foreground and background. Let’s try to understand how to do it and what happens at the other end.

Credits: System Architecture(Foreground and Background Tasks)

Process control

So, when you run a command/process via terminal(can also be referred to as…

Everyone who has worked on Docker containers is aware of the fact that when containers are removed Data is cleared unless a volume is used. Due to this, Docker containers are termed to be ephemeral, Meaning Data lasts for a short time. Here till the container is killed/removed. But most of us are not aware of the reason why are they so. Of course, I agree that there are ways to persist data (more on that later). However, let’s try to debunk why data by default is not retained.

Storage Layers and Docker Images

To understand this, let us first know how docker images are…

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A developer cum DevOps engineer. Forever in love with Linux. Interested in #Devops #chaosEngineering #Docker #Kuberbetes #AWS.

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