I wanted to always write about opposites. The opposite of positivity. The opposite of love. The opposite of efficiency and organisation. Then…. having read Thought Pills here in Medium, I realised about the opposite of being proud of something. The guy who is writing that story writes in a good way. However reason why I am not copying him here is because yes as much I agree with him that writing is the answer and many people have this passion… writing about the OPPOSITE will only bring more of the OPPOSITE. Are you following me? and so I will tell you how I learned to think and give energy to the OPPOSITE. I went trough so much of IT. That in the end I decided I had enough of this and wanted to try the other stuff, balance, love, easily flowing assets, patience, organisation, ease of anything you want…all those things and so having spent my life with the OPPOSITE spectrum I moved to the other end of the pendulum. I hope you find this interesting. Not only that I wish you this gives motivates you to try the other end of spectrum if you feel your are not quite at the shape you would like your life to be. Any questions feel free to connect with me on instagram and send inmail specific situations and I will give you my ultimate opposite style answer.