What are you going to do with an Arts degree?

Ahhh… the question that has been asked to me over the past four years by family, friends, professors and strangers. This question did not only terrify me because I didn’t have a real answer, but it also constantly made me question my degree choice. Would there be any outcome of spending four years devoting myself to this program?

Anybody who is doing a Bachelor of Arts will ask themselves this question, as well as be asked by about 100 other people, and it is ok not to know. I began university studying a Bachelor of Arts in Jazz Music, soon after I realized it wasn’t a good fit for me and I moved on to find what would be a program that I could truly learn the most from.

A degree is not a job. There is such a strong mentality that is often imposed on high school students that your ‘next step’ is to know what job you want and figure out what degree you need to get it (which may work for some people!). This can result in so much missed opportunity, people are picking programs they believe to be job driven instead of a field that is their real passion.

Soon-to-be university students often overlook the many benefits of an Arts degree and instead favour a business degree or a science degree, because they are told that’s where the jobs are. The value can be found in the ability to think critically and to gain an interest in world problems within wider frameworks, that are often otherwise overlooked.

‘Dare to Know’ is a phrase that I live by and have learned throughout my four year undergrad. I have been encouraged throughout my experience to be curious and seek further knowledge on topics that interest me and inspire me. It the phrase that brought me to apply for a fellowship that I would never have dreamed of being accepted to. I am proud of my degree and look forward to putting to use the skills and knowledge I’ve learned into my everyday life and along my career.

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