Azure Sentinel FUSION: machine learning for a SecOps world

“Unlock the power of AI for security professionals by leveraging MS cutting edge research and best practices in ML, regardless of your current investment level in ML.”

az resource update — ids /subscriptions/{Subscription Guid}/resourceGroups/{Log analytics resource Group Name}/providers/Microsoft.OperationalInsights/workspaces/{Log analytics workspace Name}/providers/Microsoft.SecurityInsights/settings/Fusion — api-version 2019–01–01-preview — set properties.IsEnabled=true — subscription “{Subscription Guid}”
“Microsoft has three identity-centric security products offering detection capabilities across on-premise and in the cloud:* Azure Advanced Threat Protection (Azure ATP) identifies on-premises attacks* Azure Active Directory Identity Protection (Azure AD Identity Protection) detects and proactively prevents user and sign-in risks to identities in the cloud* Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) identifies attacks within a cloud session, covering not only Microsoft products but also third-party applicationsWe are happy to announce that we have brought these together in a unified SecOps experience, which focuses on identity-based alerts and activities for true hybrid identity threat protection.”
1) Why are alerts noisy?2) How do experienced security analysts deal with this?3) How can we incorporate domain knowledge into the system?

“Connect Azure Advanced Threat Protection to Azure Sentinel: if your tenant is running the Azure ATP preview in Microsoft Cloud App Security, connect here to stream your Azure ATP alerts into Azure Sentinel.”

Azure AD identity protection· The user account signs in to an unusual location.
Cloud App Security
· The user’s mailbox gets a suspicious inbox forwarding rule.




Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Regional Director.

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Maarten Goet

Maarten Goet

Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Regional Director.

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