Maarten Goet: speaker profile

I’ve been publicly speaking at various tech conferences around the world since 2006. First at local conferences such as Microsoft Technet Live (~100 visitors) and in recent years I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to speak at flagship events such as Microsoft Ignite (~26.000 visitors).

Some speaking opportunities you apply for: your fill in a Call for Sessions/Papers form and wait for the result to come in, but also some opportunities come to you: the conference organizes know you and your work and asks you to speak.

If you apply for CfS/CfP the organizers often ask for your previous speaking experiences and proof of it, for instance by linking to a video of a recent conference. It helps them judge who can deliver a good presentation, as this is often half or more of how people perceive and rate a delivered session.

To make things easier for me and for conference organizers, I decided to write up this speaker profile which I plan on keeping current. Submitting this URL instead of a bunch of links to videos will make life easier for both them and me :-)

Who am I?

I’m Maarten Goet and live in The Netherlands. I’m responsible for the Enterprise Security unit of #1 Microsoft partner Wortell, and work with large enterprises to creating a safer operation using Microsoft technologies. I’m also a book author, write blogs on, and am a frequent speaker at tech conferences. I’m a Microsoft MVP (since ’07), Microsoft RD (since ’15), hold the CISSP & Certified Ethical Hacker certifications and publish a podcast on

Why have me as a speaker at your conference?

A good presentation doesn’t only revolve around good content. Of course, it’s necessary to have content that the attendees would like to learn about. And being a Microsoft MVP (Azure) as well as a Microsoft RD (security) and having been in the job for 20+ years, I know my topics very well. However, the way you communicate, speak and present matters; it makes a huge difference.

Attendees often describe me as an energetic speaker, being able to articulate the key points clearly. I use real-world examples, and keep the listeners engaged by doing my sessions interactively. There is a beginning, middle and end to my stories, and make sure there is a laugh or two in the session.

What can I speak on?

These are the Microsoft technologies I can speak on:

· Azure Governance (ARM, policy, ..)· Azure Lighthouse· Azure ARC· Azure Kubernetes· Azure Log Analytics· Azure Monitor· Azure Security Center· Azure Sentinel· Microsoft Defender ATP· Microsoft Threat Protection (suite)

Session suggestions

Depending if you want a more strategic or more technical session, here are a couple of session suggestions for me to bring to your event / conference:

Technical· Azure Sentinel: a complete overview· Azure Sentinel: design considerations — lessons from the field· Azure & security: how are hackers getting access to your subscription? Threat Hunting in the cloud.· Defending against modern attacks: Microsoft Threat Protection to the rescue!
· Azure Sentinel: not your daddy’s Splunk· KubSecOps: operating Kubernetes securely in a container-focused world· Azure everywhere: a deep dive into Microsoft’s hybrid approach with Azure ARC

A recent video

In November 2019 I was invited to speak at Microsoft’s flagship conference: Microsoft Ignite in Orlando. The session was called “Threat Hunting in the Cloud with Azure Sentinel and Jupyter Notebooks”, a topic I had been working on professionally with Microsoft’s Threat Intelligence Center in the months prior.

The recording can be found here:

Early 2020 I presented on Azure Sentinel at meetup which was recorded and can be found here. A behind-the-scenes video (in Dutch) on Microsoft Ignite was published here. A video of me moderating a speaker panel can be found here. Some older videos of me presenting can be found here, here and here.

Around the world

As I am quite proficient in English, I can be found pretty much everywhere in world. I’ve spoken in Auckland (New Zealand), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), various cities in the US, various cities in Europe, Dubai (UAE) and many more places. I’m more than happy to travel to your part of the world.


“Amazing presentation from Maarten Goet” — Steve Dispensa, director Cloud+AI security at Microsoft

“Maarten always delivers on great sessions” — Ståle Hansen, Microsoft regional director (Norway)

“The audience really loves Maarten’s presentations” — Marcel Zehner, event organizer (Switzerland)

My previous speaking

Here’s a sample of the events and conferences I’ve spoken at in recent years:

· ExpertsLive Austria (keynote)· ExpertsLive Asia· ExpertsLive Europe· Global Azure Bootcamp (streaming)· IT/Dev Connections· Microsoft Management Summit· Microsoft Ignite· Microsoft Techdays· Microsoft Teched (North America & New Zealand)· System Center Universe

How to contact me

You might have already found my Twitter account (@maarten_goet) and blog ( but directly contacting me for a speaking opportunity is easy. Just send an email to maarten [at] goet [dot] net and I’ll get back to you soon. Thanks!

— Maarten Goet, MVP & RD

Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Regional Director.