A new virtual world for fashion samples

Introducing BrikL

What is BrikL

We’ve built a new B2B Collaborative Fashion Design platform called BrikL. We are inviting apparel buyers and suppliers to create and share virtual designs. Here’s a quick peek:

Brikl Fashion Design Studio

It started with an observation

Our journey started with a simple observation: fashion labels are not just outsourcing production, but increasingly also design & development.

This might be counter-intuitive to some, especially to those outside the apparel industry. After all, how would an apparel manufacturer be able to provide creative input and inspiration to fashion labels. Why would fashion labels ask for that input in the first place?

We first need to understand that nowadays most apparel manufacturers around the world are no longer owned by fashion labels. Yet, those same manufacturers boast talented teams and have become the go-to in many cases to learn about the latest trends and new textile/manufacturing technologies. Also, manufacturers increasingly employ fashion designers. They build mood boards, look books and sample rooms. They have large collections of samples and designs that they can share with their customers.

Fashion labels on the other hand continue to face challenges to reduce cost and speed up development cycles. In this process, they are reaching out to their suppliers for support. They are looking for that kind of creative input and inspiration that can help them create a story, build uniqueness for their brand or roll out new collections faster than before.

Of course, not all buyers of clothing are fashion labels. Think of the hotels, hospitals, sport clubs, schools, event organisers and others. Essentially, any organisation that needs to create a unique clothing line and that doesn’t have the expertise will need to outsource the design and development process.

But here’s the thing:

Spreadsheets and emails continue to dominate the development process

Not surprisingly perhaps, a large part of the apparel industry still depends on cumbersome development processes using emails and spreadsheets combined with traveling and lots of physical samples. This low tech environment often results in long development cycles at high costs.

Introducing BrikL

BrikL is a B2B Collaborative Fashion Design platform that let’s you create and share virtual samples.

BrikL for Suppliers

The starting point for suppliers is the digitisation of their designs. Once their designs are converted into a digital format they can be uploaded to the BrikL Design Studio.

BrikL provides a digitisation service to those suppliers that do not have the expertise to manage this process themselves. We can digitise sample pictures, sketches or drawings by converting them into “vector flat sketches” or so called “design templates”. Alternatively, suppliers can upload Adobe Illustrator or SVG files directly to BrikL.

As a next step, suppliers can select a design template and can design it to look it any way they want. The goal is to create a collection of virtual samples.

Suppliers can share those virtual collections with their customers, who will receive an email with a link and a line sheet attached. Clicking on the link will take them directly to BrikL’s design studio.

Suppliers also have the possibility to publish their design templates on BrikL’s Marketplace (“BrikL Discovery”). This gives them the benefit of exposure to new buyers, and potentially more business.

The BrikL service for suppliers is called “BrikL Commerce”.

BrikL for Buyers

The starting point for buyers is when they receive a virtual collection from their suppliers. They can view the collection in BrikL’s Design Studio and make changes. They can connect directly with the supplier and work with them until the design is completed.

Alternatively, buyers can select design templates from BrikL’s Marketplace (“BrikL Discovery”) and style them any way they want. Likewise, they can connect directly with the supplier who created the designs.

The BrikL service for buyers is called “BrikL Design”.

What will you BrikL?

We can’t wait to find out. We hope you’ll put BrikL to the test and start creating and sharing beautiful samples we haven’t even imagined. Sign up today at www.brikl.io.