Building Beautiful Futures

Even when it’s hot out here!

Sam and his pickaxe

The past month I’ve been working with The Timber Project, helping to build benches, picknick tables, loungers and a shade structure.

It’s been hot, sweaty, dusty, burny, exhausting and… a lot of fun. Drilling, sawing, painting, screwing, digging and of course: playing ping pong (we’ve build a couple of ping pong tables, so we had to try them out! Every evening :-).

I love coming home after a day of physical work, exhausted but satisfied. Seeing the progress, slowly but surely, from an idea, to a drawing to something you can touch and enjoy, a table, bench, shade structure.

The Timber Project in a deep and very serious discussion

Going from an idea to the real thing fascinates me. Dreaming, wishing, planning, building, adapting, rethinking, rebuilding, reflecting and then having the actual result to enjoy... Sometimes it works and the dream manifests, sometimes it doesn’t. And other times I don’t even get started. Why not?

One of the reasons I never get started is because I don’t believe the idea is actually feasible, realistic or possible.

But is that true?

“Whether you think you can, or you can’t you’re both right.”
- Henry Ford

Maybe there is often more possible then I think. Because when I thought of coming to Greece and being supported by friends, family and other awesome people, I wasn’t sure if it was going to work… But it was worth a try. And surprise! I am here! Working, living, loving! It happened!

When I thought of starting a website in which people would tell me how to make the world a better place for a year, I wasn’t sure if it would work… But I tried, and somehow it worked!

And when I thought of cooking a delicious meal the other day, it turned out quite ok as well! :-)

I’m starting to learn that there is more possible then I think. And more importantly, that believing something is possible can be the key of making it possible.

Sometimes it is a small idea, like believing that I can write this post or cook a delicious meal. Other times big dreams like starting a social enterprise which provides jobs for refugees (a cookie factory! I haven’t done this yet, but dreaming about it right now!).

In the end, we don’t really know how things will turn out. We predict, plan, fear, hope… But we don’t know for certain what will happen. Trying it out ourselves is the only way of finding out. Because what if it actually works out!?

Kit screwing screws.

And when I think something is impossible or too difficult, asking myself “Are you sure?” can open a window of possibilities. And all of a sudden my mind is free again, open. Ready to try something out.

And in that freedom there are many possible futures. So I think we gotta keep dreaming, even seemingly impossible dreams. Because like that we could possibly create an amazing future for ourselves and each other…

Will you dream with me?


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