Is It Okay to Use Amazon?
Nick Cassella

Nick Cassella, this is so cool!

I have been asking myself these exact same questions lately.

Am I morally wrong when I eat meat? (Watch Cowspiracy if you don’t know why I’d think this)

Am I morally wrong when I buy clothes from chain stores like H&M that employ children’s labor and stuff?

These things are considered quite ordinary practice in our society. Also, we seem not to be doing direct harm. But, as you point out, we do seem, at least, by buying these clothes etc, to be at least (lot of hedging here, I know) endorsing something immoral by engaging in the fruits of the practice.

The key question is whether it’s a wrong to do that, even though it might be the prudential thing to do and even though you no longer buying these clothes/that meat will not have any substantial effect on stopping child labor and global warming.

A very tough question.