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Then time happens. And we end up on a path. And that path becomes our life’s story.

People say we live in bubbles and echo-chambers and wait I thought echoes were about babies. I don’t think that’s true (I’m not sure about the babies part).

Most people…

For instance, Darius Foroux makes the case that most people suffer from a “sense of aimlessness”.

… are sleepwalking through life?

Another example: in the final part of its epic series on Elon Musk, Wait But Why throws nuance out of the window and states:

  • a set of beliefs about the world not based on the reality of the world they live in;
  • a and a bunch of opinions they might have a hard time defending with an honest heart.

Active vs. passive mindset

When it comes to being passionate about something, or desiring to keep growing as a person, or having a deep interest, many of us cultivate a passive mindset — an attitude, an assumption that life happens to you and you’re not responsible.


Yet, it’s very widespread. I find that surprising.

What happens in and after school

I think the way we’re, from a young age, formed by the school system is a big factor here.

“We’re entering a revolution of ideas while producing a generation that wants instructions instead.” — Seth Godin

When we leave school for the last time, the guidance we’ve become so accustomed suddenly stops leaving us standing there, with no idea how to be the CEO of our life.

Training your will

What I’ve been saying is that (1) most people subscribe to this stupid idea that what we want and care about and are interested in is something that just happens to us (or not). This might be because (2) our education system molds us into un-curious cogs.


Research by Professor Linda Caldwell of Penn State University shows that the ability to attract deep interests is not an inborn trait but can also be learned.

“Most people”

It’s time to wrap up.

There’s more to that

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PhD philosophy. Essays about why we believe what we do, how societies come to a public understanding about truth, and how we might do better (crazy times)

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