Seminars at Dutch National Anti-Money Laundering Congress

Aug 27 · 1 min read

On March 19th 2019, we hosted three seminars on the Dutch National Anti-Money Laundering Congress (Nationaal Anti-Witwas Congres) in collaboration with the Nederlands Compliance Instituut (Dutch Compliance Institute).

In small groups up to 20 people, we talked about crypto, blockchain and the upcoming 5th anti-money laundering directive (5AMLD). We had a diverse audience of compliance officers, regulators, bankers and crypto- entrepreneurs. Topics we discussed — among others:

  • (Transaction) anonymity versus pseudonymity;
  • Block analysis;
  • 5AMLD: change for the industry;
  • Possible compliance issues;
  • Blockchain as opportunity instead of risk.

We had three very informative sessions and received the first applications for an in-depth full day session 5AMLD for crypto-stakeholders before the day had ended. Encouraging of course, but not completely unexpected: the latest anti-money laundering directive will have large impact on crypto-exchanges and its stakeholders. From banks to regulators and from compliance officers to accountants.

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