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Interview Dutch National Television (RTL Z)

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In March 2019 Younder was covered in a series on blockchain technology. The series was part of De Barometer, a show covering tech entrepreneurs broadcasted at the main business television station RTL Z.

The interview took place in the office of one of our partners at Amsterdam’s financial district De Zuidas: Van Gool Elburg, a full-service real estate transaction firm with a beautiful view over the lively surrounding of Amsterdam. A couple of months prior to the interview, we had an interactive 4-hour session about blockchain and real-estate, which made the location for this interview even more special.

Among others, topics discussed in the interview were:

  • The power of blockchain technology;
  • Learning by doing: working closely together with different start-ups in the space;
  • What blockchain can mean for your business;
  • Blockchain versus the internet;
  • Our clients at Younder.

Watch the television episode (01:55) below:

Younder is a challenger consulting firm in the FinTech, Financial Services and Blockchain space. For more information about this and other subjects we cover, visit www.younder.nl or contact us at info@younder.nl.

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