Harry Potter : Rewind. Twenty years of magical journey.

Harry Potter 20. Can you believe, its been 20 years since JK. Rowling started writing the world’s best fantasy series? Yes. Indeed. Though Harry was conceived in the minute when JKR was waiting for a train, the brilliant wizard culture shook the children and adults all over the world. And for me, Harry Potter is a life saver.

When I was 13 ( Probably in Grade 8 I remember), our dear English Teacher took us to a common room to show us some English movies. ( Since our first language is not English, she thought this would help us to have a mere motivation to learn English ;) ). And the movie was “HP 2 : The Chamber of Secrets- the moment I fell in love with Harry Potter himself first, then in the entire HP series. After that, I turned out to be a die hard #potterhead, #potternerd, #potterfreak, #pottercrazy etc.

I see the Harry Potter 20 celebrations everywhere, in facebook, instagram twitter and all social media platforms and the sensation is something that cannot be vanished away although there are many fantasy series have now published and released.

I have been re-reading some of my favorite snippets and watching the movie clips but the perspective I had six or seven years has now slightly changed, and I have started to look at the writings with some different theories and literature elements.

These interesting theories and facts thrill me beyond the brilliant characterization and plot development of the ingenious JKR. I would say JKR crafted this fantasy series not for just entertainment, but for all sorts of emotional swirls. There are adventures, plot twists, flashbacks, emotions, relationships and fights. I would love to share the things I really loved in Harry Potter.

The shocking similarities between Voldemort and Harry

We know Tom Morvolo Riddle a.k.a Lord Voldemort were direct opponents, carrying their vengeance for seventeen years, expecting each others’s death eagerly. Voldemort had already chosen Harry (per to the Prophesy made by Trelawney) to kill. When Harry became aware of Voldemort’s treacherous murder of his parents, he had been looking for him to take the revenge. Apart from this common, well-known story, both Tom and Harry had somethings in common.

Both were orphans. Both were raised in the muggle society ( Tom was in an orphanage, and Harry was having an unpleasant life with Dursleys). Both were unaware the magical qualities they possessed but thought they were different (sometimes abnormal) from others until they turned to eleven. Both hated the muggle society they lived and they considered Hogwarts was a soothing place.

At the end of Dumbledore’s life, he predicted that Harry was possessed by a fragment of Voldemort’s soul which was the reason that Harry could talk Parseltongue, and the interconnection of Harry’s and Tom’s minds. Both were talented in Defense Against the Dark Arts. Both were curious to know the dangerous magical abilities. Both were courageous, ambitious and brave. And both were praised by Prof. Albus Dumbledore — the greatest of all.

So why or how these persons of similar qualities turned in to opposite characters : Tom as an evil-looking, greedy and dark wizard and Harry as a lovable, charming soul.

The reason I would say : Choices. Through the HP books, we came across Dumbledore’s point on “choices”. In Chamber of Secrets, when Harry asked why wasn't he chosen as a Slytherin with possessing lot much Slytherin qualities, and Dumbledore’s answer was “the sorting hat will consider our choices”. Yes. Knowing most of the Slytherin students used to turn up as dark wizards or death eaters, Harry requested the Sorting Hat to put him in Gryffindore.

Another one : Dumbledore is standing before Draco Malfoy who just unarmed him in astronomy tower. He clearly didnt want to Malfoy to become a death eater. He requests Draco to make a better choice, to keep the goods in his heart.

At the end Dumbledore visits in Harry’s imagination (or may be real) when Harry has been just borne killing curse from Voldemort second time. Sitting in the plain, cleaned King Cross Station watching a part of Voldemort dies, Harry asked whether he should go back to reality. Dumbledore again talks about “choices” and leaves it to Harry’s discretion. Of course, the snake — remaining horcrux was alive, and Voldermort got the elder wand, but still Harry chose to go back and face the Dark Lord again.

Choices matter. They decide our future, they decide who we are and they decide what we are capable of. We see two boys here : a boy gifted with great magical abilities chooses to use them in a disastrous ways and ends up in a most denoting death and a boy equally possessed the magical abilities chooses to love everyone and to uplift everyone ends up as greatest personality.

Deathly Hallows — A life theory

The elder wand, The resurrection stone, and the invisibility cloak were created by Death, also known as deathly hallows and it is a belief that whoever possess the three will become the “Master of Death”. Albus Dumbledore and Grindelwald were greedy to find them and Grindelwald claimed the elder wander and was later disarmed by Dumbledore and from on the wand answered to him.

We could see Dumbledore possessed three — the wand, the resurrection stone, and the invisibility cloak he brought from James Potter. However he could not defeat the death.

What does it mean by “the master of death”? Someone would want to have the hollows to escape from the death just because they fear for it. Can that someone be named as Master of Death?. Or is it someone who welcoming the death knowingly that we all are mortal at the end of the day. I would go for the second definition. For me Harry is the real master of death. I bet Dumbledore agrees with me ;). When he meets Harry at the end, he confesses that Harry conquered the death by showing himself in front the Dark Lord.

Modern — day theories on Deathly Hallows say a different perspective which is quite interesting. They personify the characters come in the Tale of Three Brothers (Peverell Brothers and The Death) to the real characters in Harry Potter. According to that, elder brother is Voldemort ( greedy, and power-seeking), the middle one is Severus Snape ( who can’t get let his love one and dies in sadness) and the last one is Harry Potter ( who greeted death as his old friend though he owned the invisibility cloak. And I am slightly against the theory of Dumbledore is personified to Death.

The bond between Harry and Harmonie

From the day Harmonie meets Harry in Hogwarts Express and to the day she says “I will go with you” to Harry when he decided to meet Voldemort, Harmonie has proven that she is really a friend in need. Of course, Ron and Harry has been a best pair, but a boy-girl friendship is rather fascinating and strong.

Harry and Hermonie — Goblet of Fire

She stands with Harry in every occasion no matter how hard the life gets. Harmonie falls in love with Ron, and she could share her feelings only to Harry, and Harry is the one who can really understand her. Harmonie becomes bossy sometimes — the behaviour Harry hates most of the time, however her bossiness is the reflection of the utmost care she took upon Harry. When Slughorn — the potion lecturer Dumbledore hired in the sixth year, remembers Harmonie as the muggle born best friend of Harry, she goes scarlet and says “oh Harry! did you really say that?!”. She was somehow proud and happy to be friends with Harry — the chosen one. No doubt, her brilliant book-readings help Harry from the beginning — to stop Prof. Quirril stealing the Philosopher’s Stone, to reveal the Chamber of Secrets, to pass the tasks in Try Wizard Tournament, and finally to find the Horcruxes. The split of Ron in the middle of the Horcrux –hunting hurt breaks her apart because not only she never wants the two best friends go opposite but also she loves Ron dearly. Even in the time of despair, she sacrifices her love-life and chooses to stand beside Harry knowing he would be in need of her. It is worth to note, she was brave enough to obliviate her parents memories of her and leave them for the task Dumbledore left.

The Motherly Affections

It is very sentimental one but I adore the deepness of it.

Lily Potter : We only know her from the flash back stories narrated by Dumbledore, Sirius, Hagrid, Slughorn and Snape’s memories. She was excellent in Portions. She shared a valuable friendship with Severus Snape. She loved James Potter dearly and ended up marrying him. She gave birth to a charming baby boy named Harry Potter.

Lily smiles in the Mirror of Erised

Of course, Harry spent just a year with her, but no doubt her love was stronger enough to keep him safe for Seventeen years from the treacherous dark wizard. Normally the killing curse never leaves a sign in the victim and the only exception is Harry. It was possible because Lily used the ancient magic of scarification and created a shield that made the spell to be rebound. Her sacrifice is well-remembered in the magical world and one of the finest icons of motherly affection.

Molly Weasley : She is my all time favorite. A charming woman who raised seven children and led a fascinating family life with her loving husband. She fusses over her children, scolds them if they do wrongs, cares even minute things, ……..but you can’t dislike her. Even Harry was blessed to have her motherly pampering. Percy’s break was a heart-sickening incident for her, but she welcomed Percy back with the same affection. She wanted her twins to have a great future with high academic achievements just like Bill, Charles and Percy. But when they moved on with their passions and opened a joke-shop at Diagon Alley, her happiness was immense.

Molly fights with Bellatrix

We know Molly as an excellent mother, a great wife and a wonderful cook. Anyhow her magical abilities and talents were never shown in any series until she fought with Bellatrix — a witch with extra ordinary talents in Dark Arts and got trained by Dark Lord himself. Molly defeated Bellatrix in duelling fiercely, and I bet no one would have expected that from Molly. And who will forget that epic moment Molly says “Not my daughter, bitch” when Bellatrix tried the killing curse on Ginny.

Narcissa Malfoy : Though she is married to Lucious Malfoy — an evil tongued man with the pride of pure blood inheritance, I admire her for the motherly affection she had on her one and only son Draco. She never chose to take the side of the gang of death eaters neither she had a dark mark. It is obvious she wanted Draco to be that way. But things got changed when Lucious was sent to Azkabhan and Draco was chosen to finish off Dumbledore by Voldemort.

Narcissa makes the unbreakable vow with Snape.

To save her son, she took some steps that were likely to put her in danger. First she confronts her sister Bellatrix — who was a diehard supporter of Dark Lord. Then she persuades Snape ( a man who cannot be easily persuaded) to make an unbreakable vow to protect her son in case he fails in his task. Even at the last war at Hogwarts, she leaves the army of death eaters with her son followed by her husband. In the movie, I loved her walk with Draco- so determined, so protective and brave.

The Godfather concept.

Sirius is the most favorite one because he is one of the few whom Harry shared his intimacy with. When James had a baby boy, he picked Sirius as Harry’s Godfather. We knew from the flashback stories that Sirius was a frequent visitor of Potters’ residence and mingled with baby Harry often. From Lily’s thank note, we knew Sirius presented a toy broom to Harry for his first birthday. The love never changed. At the end of Harry’s third year he presented Firebolt as a symbol of love.Though from a family that shared values of Slytherin House, Sirius stood exceptional, and spent most of his life with James. A true friendship indeed because he waited thirteen years in Azkhabhan to kill the betrayer who leaked the information about where Potters reside to Dark Lord. Thirteen years, he saved the memory of his friendship from the soul-sucking Dementors.

Sirius introduces the members of the Order from an old photo.

It is pity that Harry only spent two years with him. He was killed by his own cousin Bellatrix. Even after his death, Harry could own his big house and the house elf and all of his wealth. We all love Sirius as a best friend and a great Godfather.

And seems like Marauders’ friendship is thicker than blood. When Harry resides in the Shell Cottage, Remus arrives. He informs Nymphadora gave a birth to a baby boy whom he and and his wife want Harry as their son’s god father. Both Remus and Tonks died in the battle of Hogwarts, and surely Harry would have turned a wonderful godfather just like Sirius.

Thats it! These are some of the few things I love and still adore in Harry Potter. But there are many, honestly. I am always faithful to JK Rowling for this wonderful piece of magical fiction which would never, ever be forgotten in our hearts!

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