The British Government is legislating the ‘Great’ out of Great Britain
Tobias Stone

A well written article capturing my feelings and beliefs precisely and far more clearly than I can.

The growing divide between rational evidence based thinking and partial subjective opinion is also analyzed by Seth Godin.

Contrast these arguments with those of our political leaderships; for example, former Education Secretary Mr. Gove on “experts” and expert opinion.

We, as humans, face far greater challenges than Brexit. Brexit is simply a symptom of those far greater challenges. Where is the wise leadership to come from, the smart solutions to imminent problems, when the knowledgeable, scientific, mathematical, rational, philosophical are not valued?

Ultimately the people who have the most angst and disgust with the political classes might turn out not to be those who voted for Brexit as Mrs. May thinks.

It may be those people who have the abilities, the assets and the drive to go where they will be truly valued. Where they will be accepted into new communities valuing their qualities without question.

The very people who might be needed to help keep Britain truly “Great” and the world safe.

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