The Europeans get more land than what they needed, Africans workers worked for the Europeans as slaves. African trading was going on the

Africans were being traded for Many Africans were brought to the New World,

African the people day’s slaves was traded

When l was on the ship it smelled very bad because feces was on the ground it was very dry. Her was blood and sweat because their is on light and diray.

l saw that people were people were sick and were full of disease and l feel really bad how they died from the boat, They want their freedom but they had to follow what the captain said and they had to do it i feel sad for the other people in the boat that has died for no reason but some of them were trying to run away and they still can’t run because they always watch over the people I taste air and it’s not fresh at all and we wouldn’t have any to drink on the boat and we only catch fish and eat

“This air isn’t fresh” said Amya

“I know” I reported

After the I saw a lot of people were putting in the boat they were some of them who was caring and same of them were say

“Where is my family!”

I was so scared that if I become friend with the captain will spread us. Amya was my best friend and we were together for long time so I try to only be friend with Amya.

“Let’s try to find a way a way to escape this place” Amya.

And I said “I agree with you”.

“I have an idea” said Amya.

“What is your idea” I said.

Amya idea was to hid in the people when the captain is removing other people from the boat.

“We will hid under the tall people when they are going out” Amya said

“Great idea!” I said

“Okay this is my plant” Amya said

“Okay” I reported

Than I did what Amya said and it worked. After that day the captain was looking for us and he asked every slavery that came down for the ship and and everyone said “No!” He was so upset and we were trying to find out a way to go back to Africa that the way was so hard and Amya was smart person so I asked Amya if she has a way to go back. I know that we can’t make it, but Amya yell out “Believe on me!”

“How do I believe on you” I said

“Just believe on me”

“Okay okay!” I screamed.

In that day and night we speed with the slavery and it was so scared to be there because the white people were treating black people unfair. The next day we hid in the ship that was going back to Africa and they boat will bring more slavery because they need more slavery. No one saw as going into the boat. This time in the boat it was hotter than the other one and there was more people in this boat than the other one. The boat land in a big ocean and there were a lot of people that gone go on. So this time we have to wait until the other people came on so we can hid in.

“Hey we are here” said Amya.

“Yea we are here our home” I .

“So we have to wait until the other people came on” Amya said

I know Amya was the smartest girls so I have to follow what she say. And I said


We get to go down from the boat and we run run as fast as we can. We pass big trees and a lot of water and this time was the time we have to say goodbye to each other.

Amya said “It is time for me to say goodbye”

I give here big hug and said “ Umm goodbye!”

I said “ bankai tensa zangetsu”

The End