Amal And Problem Solving

No religion is greater than humanity. Actually humanity is the real purpose to make this world, the purpose that has forgotten by almost every person. Here comes the man who gave his whole life for this purpose, he has done everything in his power to serve humanity. He was true legend. By reading these words you’ll come up with only one name and that is Edhi Sb. We all can’t just thanks him for whatever he has done for this country and humanity. He was one of the best things ever happened to Pakistan as well as to this world as an humanitarian and as a true human being.

Starting with the fund raising activity. Some of the members of batch 28 had a meeting in the Amal campus to discuss the idea and perform this initiative practically.

  • Starting with own and understanding: We owned that there are a lot of problems we all are facing to carry out this initiative. We discussed all the possibilities as well as the problems in the Whatsapp group time to time as well as in the Amal Campus.
  • Multiple Solutions and help : We came across with multiple solutions. The people met in the amal campus had a different solution, as well as the other people outside that scope like Sumbal, who shared her idea through a voice chat. After getting several ideas, we voted for the best one, which os to do a walk for this initiative. I voted for Zeeshan to become the leader, as without leadership, the possibility of this initiative was almost zero, upon my voting, majority agreed on my decision. Similarly, some people also collected some amount in a group(s) of their own. We brainstormed the ideas with each other to find as much loop holes as we could.
  • Positive Attitude and relation with gratitude : Despite of the problems, we all remained positive. Kanwal prepared a donation box, pic attached below:

Similarly, Zeeshan and others went on for the NOC. I personally went on for the formal approval from my institution. We all did what we could rather than sitting idle and doing nothing. On the other hands, results being positive or negative, in both situation, we always payed gratitude to the other people for their time with us.

  • First Idea, Feedback and Repeat : Unfortunately, our first idea of NOC for walk is still pending due to approval from the respective stakeholders. We are looking to discuss this in our Amal session today with the Amal team as well as the Amal fellows in order to work on the other ideas as well. Although, a group has collected about 5000 rupees through a small university collection drive and we are looking forward to repeat this idea if NOC is still not possible to achieve quickly and reliably.