Happiness is Necessary for Success in Life

Life is nothing without happiness. There is no survival or success in life. Darwin has said being fit or being able to adaptable is necessary for survival but I see life with different perspective, its survival is not possible without being happy. Happiness is something that can totally change a person and everything around him in a very positive way. I personally believe that good things happens when we thing positive about it or we think good about it.

I was watching the TED Talk by Shawn Achor, he has described very beautifully the concept of happiness and the concept of how we can achieve our goals through it. Do watch it, it is amazing. i usually not let negative thoughts to come into my mind and I try to not let them destroy my happiness. I always try my level best to stay positive but still I’m a human being which means I am not perfect I’m also vulnerable. So, whenever the negative thoughts gets stuck into my mind, they tend to remain for a quite long time, effecting my productivity a lot.

During last week, I faced some issues regarding my presentation on the paper of my choice, i tried a lot but these became negatives thoughts in my mind and really has become a very very big hurdle in the way of my productivity. Then the good thing came , I was doing an educational learning online course by Amal Academy and fortunately I came across with the POSITIVE guidance lectures. From these lectures, 2 steps out of 5 from Amal and 3steps by Shawn really helped me in getting rid of my Negative thoughts.

These Steps were

By Amal:

  • Positive Thinking
  • Contagiousness of emotions

By Shawn:

  • Gratitude
  • Random act of kindness

These were some steps which I personally followed and turned my Negative thoughts into a Positive ones.. These steps really helped me to understand that even if there is something bad, it can be easily tackled by a good and positive way, only if we really want to tackle it.