Khudi And Self Learning

In a book that is based on autobiography of Abdul Sattar Edhi, One incident that i found interesting in pursuit of principle of progress was that Edhi sb. was telling about their friends how they taunted him for the acts of social welfare he was doing at that time. He said, “When my friends mocked my day dreams, saying, “Can’t you change your plans, are you not tired of them, have you not learnt something new? Something bigger?” I would reply irritably, “why should i forsake the previous ones when they have not been achieved?”. I learned to never give up we’ll only progress when we’ll follow our dreams, our goals, our targets. i have not met with such experience or example in my life but whenever i will I’ll never give up no matter what.

In the #juststartproject i set a goal to patch up with my friends whom with i am not talking due to some reasons. Due to some issues, in past a few months back, i stopped talking with them. I decided this because i come up with a thought that if they had done something wrong in past than what i am doing? Am i not wrong? Am i doing the right thing by not talking with them? Is it true response or anything else is possible. The biggest challenge that i faced in past, related to my goal, was my Ego that is Why i should go and talk with them? i think in past that they should come to me.

After the completion of my goal i get a very fantastic feel of satisfaction that i had never before. The only challenge in the completion of my task was my Ego and with the help of Allah Almighty i have overcome that negative thing. I have learned more about the power of positivity by this action, as i believe now that a person can never become small by talking to anyone whom with he is not talking due to certain problems. Inspite i saw that all the problems just got vanished away by talking with each other. In the future i am not gonna do this ever again means i am not letting my Ego to get in my way in any case. In’sha’Allah I’ll do this.