Are Women Dominating Men in the Workplace?

“Don’t you know what you’re doing? I’ve heard you sit around shriveling about unemployment but it’s you, it’s women like you who take the work away from the men and break their hearts and lives,” says David Willetts, Minister for Universities.

Take it from years before, women were regarded as nothing more but lower than men, and only was to be more to take than without any higher education status. According to David Willetts, women’s equal rights are increasingly leaving working-class men to struggle. Decades ago, men were only to be the one occupied with a higher employment, and to acquire the possible registration presidential candidate applicant. However, women nowadays are earning post-secondary degrees, possible high/equal wages than men, and the first to many –Hillary Clinton running for president.

David Willetts says women with an education and degree would have been housewives instead, and all the well-paid jobs would have been for ambitious, working-class men. Mr. Willetts’ views on feminism have truly shown destruction of corruption and poor spews. Willetts’ belief of women to be chained to the kitchen sink, proves how small minded Willetts is. It is really astonishing how Willetts label women for the faults of men’s struggles in achieving job opportunities.

Women’s Equality and Rights

Although men are drastically evolving, women enormously are as well. Drastically, the numbers of women to men are most likely graduating from Universities with degrees. The aspect of a women’s ability to achieve greater have surely shown in the last few years that women are increasingly achieving more than just a common “housewife.” The equality and fairness between both genders are beginning to open up against controversial arguments.

David Willetts’ spews of criticism are entirely full of ignorance. Women’s rise in power for equality has changed over the years in society for the better. David Willetts is unable to accept the fact that yes, it’s agreeable that men are struggling, however Mr. Willetts shouldn’t blame women for men’s struggle to acquire a job over the last few years. Every individual in society have the choice to work as hard to achieve any employment, and not be compared — female or male.