Invisible clouds, a still night, quiet and dark

Plain stars sleepy still, too tired from staring back

Penetrating breeze, a chilling feel shooting through the veins

And your name swirling still, in my tired brain

And now the still dark night is quieter, an unsung lullaby for sad sleepy stars

And now the cold is colder, pitiless breeze piercing through still, getting bolder still

Abrupt memories swishing all about, leaving trails of melancholy, everywhere! Everywhere!

When your kisses made my heart skipped a beat

I now shiver as I think of it

When you looked me in the eye and said you loved me

It replays still like in the movies, a favorite love scene

And the love we shared, what I thought we had, still refusing to dim

And now It’s colder still and loneliness creeping in still, wondering like I’ve been doing since, still

And now the sad sleepy stars are no more, for even little pleasures depart with you gone

And I in this starless cold night, still susceptible to abrupt memories of you