Is Purchasing An Android TV Box Worth The Cost?

An Android TV box is a transportable unit that could be put near your tv. The unit features HDMI cable, power adapter, Flash drive adapter, and Flash drive cable. The functions of both internet and tv could be enjoyed by utilizing the same unit. A brand new edition of the android operating system referred to as ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) is utilized in an Android TV box.

Android TV box is helpful to share your music, videos and photos through tv to other people. You could play online games on the tv and watch tv programs simultaneously. The unit is mobile and light in weight, and you could take it anywhere with ease. You could browse internet and tv channels anytime, irrespective of place and time. An individual who is using a smartphone could easily grasp the interface of the device’s software, since both utilize the same operating system.

The sole distinction between tv and mobile android apps is that with a tv box, you could enjoy both internet and tv programs on a large screen. You could even chat with friends using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and the like.. The unit has enough storage area with good level of processing power and RAM. SD cards may be used for added storage requirements.

The unit supports different languages like English, Czech, Spanish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Danish, etc. One of the biggest benefits of this unit is that there’s no membership charge to enjoy internet surfing and tv programs.

The users will get software updates as well as service updates automatically for the unit. Therefore manual updates aren’t required. The users could easily make use of the parental control choices in the unit allowing secure viewing of both tv and net. You could use Flash drive and Bluetooth to move pictures, movies and videos from your pc to android TV box. This unit supports all kinds of video and audio formats. You could also check emails and play online games on your tv screen by linking android TV box with the tv.

Configuration of this unit is quite easy. Simply connect the unit to a power supply. Then, all you should do is connect the unit to HDMI port of the TV. You’re now all ready to benefit from the benefits of this wonderful unit.