Beginner’s Guide: Makeup tips

It is totally an art to put up a fresh, pretty face of makeup. If done the right way, it can completely transform your face, and also enhance your features. With a good makeup organizer, a few tools and some practice and the ability to blend in makeup with your fingertips, you will be a makeup pro in no time. Whether you a no makeup look or something a little sultrier, these are the basic tricks of the beauty trade. Even if you are just a beginner, this guide will be helpful.

Sometimes we do not like or want to wear a lot of makeup, but having some basic makeup tricks is always helpful. You don’t always want to wear the same makeup look out at night that you wore during the day. A little bit of skill can enhance and amp up your Smokey eye look, nude makeup look, cat eye look, contour or highlight whatsoever. The techniques are very easy but mastering it step by step is important.

Firstly invest in a good makeup organizer. Keeping your makeup essentials neat and organized is important as much as doing your makeup right. And now when you buy makeup online, you can also buy makeup organizer online in Dubai from It has the best quality acrylic makeup organizer in attractive designs and affordable rates.

Make sure to buy a few high quality items which can be used for a longer period and for multiple purpose. Like the beauty blender, contour brush, multitask brush, angled brow brush and blending brush. As we all know that buying brushes is unnecessarily complicated and expensive, thus when you are beginner it is better to buy brushes that can be used in multiple ways.

Avoid having a cake face, for which you can use a finishing spray to give your face a natural and even tone look. This helps in keeping your makeup stay longer and gives a nice dewy look.

Apply eyeshadow colors over a light, neutral base to make them stand out more.

Use eye primer before applying eyeliner and eyeshadow to prevent them from fading or smudging.

If you feel like your concealer is too heavy, mix a little moisturizer (or sunscreen) to make it lighter.

Add a drop of essential oil to your lip stain, if it dries up too easily.

Place a spoon or card under your eyes when applying mascara to avoid messing up your eyeliner or eyeshadow.

Mix old pigments together to create some interesting eyeshadow shades.

To make your lips fuller, try this easy trick of applying white eyeliner to the center of your lips.

For flawless blending, clean a brush before moving onto a new product or area on your face. This way, you won’t pack on more product than necessary.

Being a beginner at makeup, a few such tips and some practice will make you a pro at makeup in no time.

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