How the American Elite Failed to Defend America From Fascism
umair haque

Mr. Haque, I felt guilty reading your article. I am tempermentally inclined to begin my relationships with people by assuming the best about them until their badness makes itself manifest (I have taken this into my work as a criminal defense attorney —what a nightmare it would be if you told your lawyer the truth of your case and that lawyer refused to even entertain that you might be telling the truth.).

And I hamstrung myself in talking about the President once he got into office, the way that the Trumpers should have spoken about Obama. You have shown me my mistake. His core supporters were acting in bad faith, and I was adding nothing to civility or republican virtue, by not describing him as a person who probably got his office by ballot-box stuffing, that the usual journalistic practice of taking the President’s statement as one side of a debate is misleading and a waste of time, that he gives every appearance of being a traitorous stooge for Vladimir Putin, and that he enriches himself by ignoring the emoluments clauses, that he has acted against freedom of the press and the right of free practice of religion. He has acted against Hispanics and has pardoned an abuser of Hispanics and a right-wing gang who occupied a government building. He has set up a system of spiriting children away from their law-abiding families and set up the death of elderly citizens.

I could go on. Still, Mr. Haque, I blog against him, I support liberal institutions. I help my wife protest. I support and work for anti-Trump candidates in local races. I am a busy lawyer for middle-class criminal defendants and people practically forever locked up because of prior sex offenses and people screwed by state and federal tort systems that protect the rich in many, many ways from the injuries they do to the poor. I don’t see a practical, better way to help than to keep doing my thing behind the Pine Curtain. Do any better alternatives jump to your mind?