Steps to Fix Mozilla Firefox not Responding (877–200–8067)Error on Your Device

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Oct 24, 2019 · 5 min read

Not having the ability to properly use your applications program could be a bummer. If you utilize Firefox on Windows ten and your applications program is presently Mozilla firefox not responding, follow the troubleshooting steps listed below. The steps from this tutorial ought to assist you to address all the errors and problems that may cause hangs or freezes on Firefox.

How to fix ‘Mozilla firefox not responding’ errors in Windows Device

The first factor to use could be a restart. If Mozilla firefox not responding it implies that one thing stopped its processes. And a restart may be the right answer for reinitiating everything. So, shut Firefox (if the classic approach isn’t operating, shut the program through Task Manager) and conjointly restart your Windows ten system. Finally, run Firefox and verify if everything works because it ought to now; if not, head to ensuing troubleshooting answer.

One reason why Firefox will run with Mozilla firefox not responding problems is said to out-of-date drivers for the graphics card. So, you wish to form positive that your Windows ten system runs on the most recent driver updates.

  • Click on the Search icon — it’s set close to the Windows begin button.
  • Type Device Manager and click on on an equivalent entry that may be displayed.
  • From Device Manager expand the show adapters possibility.update graphics card Firefox isn’t responding
  • Right-click on every entry and select ‘update driver software’.
  • Done.

Automatically update your drivers

Updating drivers could be a necessary action, however, Associate in the Nursing annoying and tedious method. we have a tendency to advocate the TweakBit Driver updater tool (approved by Microsoft and Norton) that may lie with mechanically for you with simply a couple of clicks.

Mozilla Firefox not responding

This tool can assist you to avoid permanent injury to your laptop by downloading and putting in the incorrect driver versions. Here could be a fast guide the way to fix Mozilla Firefox not responding.

Download and install TweakBit Driver Updater

Driver updater beginning window once put in, the program can begin scanning your laptop for out-of-date drivers mechanically. Driver Updater can check your put in driver versions against its cloud info of the most recent versions and advocate correct updates. All you wish to try to do is look forward to the scan to finish.

Upon scan completion, you get a report on all drawback drivers found on your laptop. Review the list and see if you wish to update every driver one by one or all quickly. To update one driver at a time, click the ‘Update driver’ link next to the driving force name and resolve Mozilla Firefox not responding. or just click the ‘Update all’ button at the lowest to mechanically install all counseled updates.

Mozilla Firefox not responding
Mozilla Firefox not responding
Mozilla Firefox not responding

Disable hardware acceleration from Firefox

Hardware acceleration could be a feature conjointly connected along with your graphics card. In some things, counting on bound graphics card setups, Mozilla Firefox not responding may get into a freeze loop once hardware acceleration is in use. So, let’s see the way to flip this off:

  • From the top-right corner of Firefox click on the Menu icon.
  • From the displayed list select choices.
  • Go to the final panel and appearance for the Performance entry.
  • From there uncheck the ‘use counseled performance settings checkbox’ and conjointly uncheck the ‘use hardware acceleration once available’ feature.
  • Close Firefox and initiate your applications program once more.

Reinitiate Firefox files

  • Firefox not responding in Windows ten may be as a result of some Firefox files area unit corrupted. So, you’ve got to repair them. Here is however you’ll do that:
  • Now, run the installer method by clicking on the downloaded Firefox feasible file.
  • In the finish open Firefox and see if this helped you.
  • Create a contemporary place’s info
  • New places info may fix the Firefox not responding malfunction — interrupted transfer processes from Firefox will cause corrupted places among the app info.

Reminder: your net browsing history and your bookmarks are going to be currently deleted.

  • First, head to the Firefox official web content and transfer a brand new installer file for your Windows ten system.
  • Don’t uninstall Firefox and don’t delete the rest.
  • Close Firefox on your pc.
  • On your pc head to the folder wherever Firefox is installed; there rename the program folder: as an example from C: Program Files (x86)Mozilla Firefox to C: Program Files (x86)Fx3805.
  • Click on the Firefox menu icon and choose to facilitate (?).firefox isn’t responding
  • Go to Troubleshooting data and from Application Basics click on Open Folder.
  • Now, open the Menu list all over again and click on on the ‘Power-off’ icon.
  • Firefox is going to be turned off currently.
  • Now, head to the Firefox folder on your pc and below profile folder realize and rename the subsequent files: places.sqlite -> places.sqlite.old and places.sqlite-journal -> places.sqlite-journal.old.

Restart Firefox.

Remove Session Restore files

If there area unit multiple Session Restore packages saved, the net browser will run slowly or every which way stop from running or Mozilla Firefox not responding.

  • Click on the Menu icon, head to facilitate (?) and devour Troubleshooting data.
  • Click on Open Folder from Application Basics.
  • Click the Menu button once more and from there choose the ‘power-off’ possibility.
  • From your profile folder delete the subsequent file: sessionstore.js. Also, take away any associated files like session store-1.js then on.

Reset Firefox

  • From Firefox, click on the Menu icon.
  • From the list that maybe showed select facilitate (?).
  • Select Troubleshooting data.
  • Find and select the Refresh Firefox possibility.
  • Resume the reset method and open the net browser all over again within the finish.
Mozilla Firefox not responding
Mozilla Firefox not responding
Mozilla Firefox not responding

This area unit the best solution to repair Mozilla Firefox not responding. If the net browser continues to be not responding in Windows ten, offer additional information — tell the U.S.A. after you 1st got the Mozilla Firefox not responding issues, what happened after you tried to repair everything, etc.

Based on these details we’ll try and realize specific troubleshooting Mozilla Firefox not responding solutions so as to help you as presently as attainable. you’ll get in grips with the U.S.A. through the comments below.

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