From inception to Apple store in just one year

With a busy startup and a full time schedule as a single dad I wasn’t exactly looking to get involved in another business venture, but that’s exactly what happened when my hobby met the Internet. What made it happen? A love of design, a belief in quality, and lots of round leather disks, cut by hand.

The story of the Cord Taco

Made in DTLA

I taught myself how to sew, construct, and style leather goods

iPhone wallets inspired by retro sports uniforms
This was the first Cord Taco made and the photo from the Refinery 29 post “4 L.A. Tastemakers Get Dope Desk-Overs — Peep The Before & Afters!
Cord Taco

Formula for success

Cult of Mac post

The turning point

The Uncrate post helped send the message that this was the space we were working in — was huge for our new brand.
Olfa round cutter
Scaling with the help of Alex at Three Way Dye Co. located in LA

Customer acquisition was 100% fueled by bloggers and social media

A taco by any other name


My hobby, my loft party

The name game

This is Ground roots; photo on the left is me (second from bottom right) on a blimp tour and on the right is Bowie.

From my loft to Science

Steps Along The Way

Cord Tacos now available at

CEO @groundcontrolai

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