NASA, Elon Musk and Tory Bruno should be given credit, but human ingenuity is a more potent catalyst for new civilization

“Why is there so much effort being put into trying to find intelligent life on other planets, when there is a serious question about how much intelligent life there is here?” — Thomas Sowell

Talking about going to Mars, Thomas Sowell would not be particularly right there. Earth was handed…

Minding our environment could be better for us and the world

I used to be conflicted whenever I offer something deeply opinionated on someone else’s Tweet. I was often drawn between keeping my opinion to my self or feeling absolutely confident in exercising my right to free expression.

I soon got over that hesitation when I discovered the fundamental ways everything…

The Fear of Deplatforming

It is easy to differentiate Rowlings’ courage as privilege; but it is so much more

By the time I learned what deplatforming really is, I had already closed the door on trying to understand what most modern progressive vocabulary constitutes.

Deplatforming and its worse cousin, doxxing, are particularly alien to the foundational principles of dialectics and Free Speech which liberalism was built on, that current…

Who Will Bury The Dead?

Caught in the web of a pandemic, many continue to question their existence in the face of thousands of dead bodies

You get a call that your auntie is dying in the ICU and you could not be by her side in her last moment. You have a wife who is nursing a newborn and you could barely hug them wholly for fear of contagion because you are a healthcare worker…

The men in the woman’s world

The awkward push-back when men center themselves in matters where should women know better

With many women, and much interestingly, the UN Women, now finding it harder to define what a woman means, it remains awkward that some men — and former men - are also falling into the trap of political correctness by audaciously defining what ‘woman’ is.

The most embarrassing being the…

Who Else Knew Ending Policing was a Bad Idea?

Anarchy is attractive until real chaos sets in

Anti-fascists are breaking into bands and are fomenting violence in tiny pockets across America. Statues are being marked for felling while monuments are being defaced across the country. Bandits professing anti-fascism are fast imbibing fascist traits and are becoming the terrorists themselves.

As the Seattle Mayor wanted originally, the Police…

Tai Solarin’s May Your Road Be Rough remained one of the monumental works of the humanist which exemplified his time as a Nigerian. It is a testament to the struggles which every accomplished person must surmount to stand out.

And he did stand out.

He became the first African pilot…

The canker of wokeness is marching on America and Trump might be unconsciously slowing it down

Barely all ‘woke’ persons find pleasure in taking a swipe at President Donald Trump at every available opportunity. The commonest trope in mainstream media these days is how Trump, one way or another, is going to be the dearth of Western civilization.


Meanwhile, indications equally point to an unforeseen…

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Playing at the intersection of technology, art and sociology. Lover of things sublime and profound. He tweets @MacaddyGad

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