In 2011, CEO Evan Spiegel started Snapchat. The idea behind this app was for people to send pictures back and forth to each other on their ios devices. Since then the app has grown tremendously and has expanded with the features it includes.

Now on the app you can send pictures, videos, and text messages that will disappear in the matter of seconds. Stories are either pictures or videos that are captured and shared on your “timeline” for all of your friends to see that last for 24 hours. Memories are saved snaps that you can go back and look at later. These are just a few of the features that Snapchat has. They are constantly innovating and presenting new things.

There are about 150 million people that use Snapchat everyday, and they are consuming around 800 hours of video per second. This app has become very popular for the millennial generation. There was a survey done that found out that 26% of people that use snapchat the most were between the ages of 12 and 24.

Snapchat has become a great social media and marketing platform that several companies use. Their idea has also been used by other social media apps such as, Facebook and Instagram. With advertisers spending more money on social media advertising than on TV ads, platforms like snapchat will continue to keep growing and will keep finding ways to help serve the ads.

Social media has grown tremendously and still continues to grow day by day. With that being said, more and more companies are using social media to promote themselves. Snapchat is one of those platforms that is a part of the trend. They are helping companies expand their outreach to customers and all different ages. Using Snapchat filters, ads, and having their own stories subscribed are opening up new opportunities.

The filter feature on Snapchat are used when sending pictures or videos in a certain location. At the bottom of the snap it will have the location of the place or a type of saying, etc, representing the brand. Filters can be created by anyone, are very cheap, and great to promote awareness to people. This is also a great way to promote or launch an event.

The ads and subscribed stories are presented at the explore part of the app. This gets people to engage more and become more interested as to what they are all about. People can swipe up on them and find out more information about them.

Marketing can be broken down into three main stages; awareness, interest, and evaluation. Snapchat is known to be the strongest in the second stage. Research has shown that Snapchat is 4x higher in engagement then any of the other type of platforms. Through Snapchat you are able to show more of a unique side to the business that other platforms might not be able to.

Marketers are able to use Snapchat in three ways to help grow their business; offer promo codes, launch products, and leverage influencer marketing. Offering promo codes using snapchat is great because of how high the engagement rating is. Launching products on snapchat is a great option for businesses. The businesses can show behind the scene experiences of how the product is made and what goes on behind it. This is a great tool for marketers to get their audience and customers involved and build relationships with them. It is a low-budget and informal way to get their experience across. Leverage influencer marketing is one of the most effective channels that is out there today. Leveraging influencers is the quickest way to build a massive audience because your content is being viewed by both your followers and the followers of that influencer. A lot of big brands are currently doing this now such as Audi and TV shows like Pretty Little Liars through their Snapchat stories. Another way you can use influencer marketing is through a takeover of your account. A lot of athletes and celebrities do this to promote brands. This basically means that someone takes over their account for the day and posts snaps on behalf of the brand.

Snapchat is a great way to provide opportunities to businesses. Not only is it cheap but also efficient. It comes down to knowing how to direct your efforts. A struggle that a lot of businesses have when it comes to advertising is knowing if their ads are actually working and driving in traffic for their business. Snapchat is a great way to launch their brand and get engagement from an audience.