What do you do to wash away the day?
Jon Westenberg 🌈

I get home from a 30–60 minute commute, change, and try to get out into this incredible Colorado landscape a bit. Jogging used to be a chore and honestly the worst thing in the world for me. After I made a mental shift to treat it as a sort of decompress/reward/shake off the day activity, I not only found myself in better shape, and running further for longer, but also it’s extremely rewarding. I’ve never returned from a run and thought “I really regret that” (maybe “I regret not wearing gloves etc.”
I also set a certain podcast as my “only when running” show, I keep it so that if I want to listen to that show, I’ve got to get out there and go for a run. No budging. This way I get to enjoy something totally unrelated to the day job, while getting some fresh air, and looking like an idiot while I laugh and jog at the same time.

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