Chris Paul to the Spurs is a bad idea

Let’s start this off by saying this:

My favorite team in the NBA is the San Antonio Spurs. When I started watching basketball, New Orleans, close to my home town, Baton Rouge, was in between the Jazz and Hornets days. I had no home team. I hated the Rockets. But I liked Tim Duncan. So I was adopted into the Spurs Nation.

This being said, I think Chris Paul to the Spurs is a terrible decision. When first announced, the idea of having CP3 leading the Leonard-Aldridge monster was inticing. He’s a fantastic distributor and would fit perfectly into the Popovich system.

But, upon further thought, knowing what I know as of now, Chris Paul will fit into the system, but will stifle the team.

See, the issue is Chris Paul will cost money. A lot of it. With the current market situation from the Spurs (they have little room), signing Paul means you will have to give up some people.

Five names has popped up. Tony Parker, Manu Ginobli, Danny Green, Pau Gasol, and LaMarcus Aldridge. Realistically, there would have to be two moves or potentially one.

The Spurs have an abundance of wealth at point guard. Tony Parker, who has led the team his entire career, is coming off a season ending quad injury. There is Patty Mills, who has been heir to the throne for a few years now, and Dejounte Murray, Pops’ next prodigy. Adding Chris Paul would mean Parker is either traded, which isn’t an option, or for him to retire, and moving Patty Mills or Murray to a new destination.

To give up all this for a Chris Paul looking for his last contract and a lot of money is a huge gamble knowing his health issues in recent years.

Now, IF Gasol takes a pay cut, as Duncan and David West has done in the past for San Antonio, they resign Ginobli for cheap, and restructure Parker’s contract, you might be able to keep the older guys.

But Patty Mills, Johnathan Simmons, and David Lee, all very important parts to the system, will most likely be elsewhere.

It’s going to be an intriguing off season. Greg Popovich and the Spurs need one more weapon and the thought of Chris Paul being the point of attack is alluring. But, under the current circumstances, unless he and other players take a little less money to win, I would have to pass on the deal.

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Blaine Henry